Midnight Delight

So, happy New Year, my dear reader. Welcome to Lady Laid Bare, edition 2012. I hope you enjoy this journey even more in the new year and continue to follow me.

Now, I’ve been thinking long and hard how to sing in the new year on this blog. And I came to the conclusion that there is no better way to do so than to recount the story of my first orgasm of the year…

Last night, mere hours after the proverbial ball dropped, I lay on my bed, watching Michael Palin’s Sahara (not that this was particularily arousing mind…). After not getting off for nearly a month, I considered my options.

I indulged in masturbation the day before, as a way to end my year properly. And I wanted more.

The arousal-induced grabbing of Grey was a quick one. I’m pretty sure I knocked something over in the process.

The first blip of Grey’s vibrations on my clit was a pleasant one. And I soon found that I needed to combine that with fingers inside me.

So, I took off my pyjama bottoms.

And I frigged my g-spot.

The orgasm that followed was pretty… well… something. No squirting, but no matter. I’m sure I’ll achieve that somewhere this year.

It did cause something very pleasant.

I decided to go for it. Took my top off and slept naked. And it was the most divine sleep I had ever had.

The soft duvet felt like feathers on my skin. And I felt at peace.

And I want to keep that feeling for the next 365 days. And beyond. Today is a new start. Today is good.


Happy New Year, dear reader. Once again, my best wishes.


xx Jilly

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  1. 365 days of orgasms sounds like fun to me!


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