Sweet Grace

He let me into his plush hotel room in his bathrobe,  with a grin plastered on his face. It was his first time, I thought. Only men that hadn’t paid me for sex yet had that smile on their faces. I felt bad for him and the 200 euros he was about to fork up.

I sat down on a chair near the window. Outside, the city was illuminated, and the faint tones of music could be heard from down below. The synthetic perfume that filled the room was almost pleasant.

“Champagne?” he asked, bottle in hand. I nodded, and let him serve me what turned out to be a very light and bubbly experience for the mouth.

“Shall I pay first?” he asked, sitting down beside me.

“Best that you do. You wanted one night? First time discount, that’s 200 euros. You get to decide what goes on. Lucky you.” I said, not intending to sound so jaded. I’d grown weary of the business though. And weary of first-timers who didn’t know how the fuck to handle me.

But from the look in his eye, this one seemed different. I studied him, and couldn’t help smiling. He was a handsome fuck, that one. I liked his hair. Brown, wavy… Good to hold on to…

He sipped from his flute and stood up again. Took my hand and twirled me around. I found it quite charming.

“Sweet Grace.” he whispered. “I would like nothing more than to pleasure you until you faint from the sheer ecstasy.”

He then literally swept me off my feet and carried me to the bed, where he sat me down on the edge. “Tonight is your night. Enjoy.” he said, before untying the strings that held his bathrobe closed. As it dropped to the floor, I had to catch my breath.

He was perfect.

As he kneeled reverently in front of me, and slipped my panties down, hiked my skirt up… I prepared myself for what was to come.

And indeed, when his tongue delicately lapped at my clit, I felt completely swept away.

And I sincerily hoped that it woulndn’t be the last time our paths crossed.

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  1. Great post. Super sexy. Just titillating enough to start the imagination running wild.


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