Just Say Yes

I’ve developed a whole new attitude. Amazing, really, considering that the year started only two days ago. I’ve started being positive. Saying yes to more things, in the hope that they will in some way enrich my life.

I hesitate to call this the “Yes Man” effect. But it seems that it is.

I’ve donated to charity, placed a bid on a superb experience, wrote my ass off, all in the name of Why The Fuck Not?

And why shouldn’t I?

Why shouldn’t I just overhaul my entire life and start being more positive? I’ve been yearning, craving for new experiences and good things in my world, and it seems I’ve taken the step.

Might be a gamble though.

I mean, saying yes to something is good and well, but consider the thing you’re saying yes to. Will it enrich your life? Will you be happier afterwards?

I hope that it pays off for me.

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  1. I will keep my fingers crossed that it pays off for you!

  2. I’m not very good at saying yes to things. A combination of the agoraphobia and just being a bit of a miserable git, I guess.


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