Lady Sovereign

I like honey. I like milk, I like champers. And do you know what? I absolutely heart ass.

And do you know what? Sovereign Syre has one. And  likes to shake it, and pour honey over it. Or at least she does in this video.


I Heart Ass from The Darlings on Vimeo.

Sometimes, you just need a video in your life. And sometimes, that video will include Sovereign Syre and a choice array of condiments.

I wanted to post this to counteract the “Not Wanking Phase” post. And I must admit, I have a bit of an obsession for food and sex combined. Not in the sense of fucking a cucumber, but food play seems…. Yeah, incredibly erotic.

This is captured to perfection in this video.

I have a desire to write about it. A story about honey and milk and champagne, poured over sultry naked bodies and suckled and licked and… ooh, I’m getting fidgety thinking about it.

This is not the first time that such an erotic video has inspired me. The Projectionist, if you recall, was inspired by Ned Mayhem’s feature on Heavenly Spire, shot to perfection by Shine Louise Houston.

Porn can, in a strange way, inspire us, I think. Well, it inspires me…

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  1. I didn’t even hear a word of the song because I was just watching so intently! Great video!

  2. I have this thing against being sticky. So all I can do is cringe when I see the honey part and think “man that had to be a bitch to clean up!!!” LOL

  3. Mrr. Hot. I need to do more wet and messy play!

    xx Dee


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