I fucking love the idea of second chances. Especially in love. A lot of my friends have grasped those chances with two hands and are happy now.

But I don’t think that was the origin of this story. I think it was set in motion by a friend of mine, who, last Erotic Meet, confided in me that he had quite a thing for Tim Minchin. After I returned, I stumbled upon my friend Curvaceous Dee’s Tumblr, where the occasional Minch-pic would show up.

Looking at Minch behind the piano, a story started brewing. It was supposed to be a one-off, but when I started writing, I found that this had the potential to be so much more. And Twitter agreed with me.

So the story of Jem and Tim leaked onto the page.

A Dirty Kind of Grace wasn’t at all inspired by Shame. Fuck, it’s only coming out here next week. But the concept of sex addiction did speak to me.

The title was inspired by a line in Sommer Marsden’s book Ferryman. It was an observation made about the wayward rockstar in the story. And it spoke to me.

I think it describes exactly how I see Graham. At the start of the story, in the first chapter, he’s heartbroken by a woman who wouldn’t even give him the time of day. So he becomes this dirty angel. A patron saint of depravity. I should use that for a chapter title, I think.

Both stories are still under construction. Not perfection, but I don’t want perfection.

I want to tell stories.

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