I’m slightly intimidated by writing today. Even something as a story about masturbation seems like the hardest task in the world. Mainly because I can’t really remember what happened. I have this thing I call “wanking-blur”. It’s when all your orgasms seem to flow into one giant goo and you can’t remember which is which.

Judging from the title of my post, you may have guessed the quantity of my orgasms last night.

Let me tell you about the quality.

It was all down to a bloke. I’ll have to thank him later for making me nearly die with horniness.

As I closed down my computer and stored it for the night, I set up my dvd. Mind, it was about 5 am in the morning and I still had half of the last episode of Pole To Pole with Michael Palin to watch. So, I let that play.

I was controlled by my lust-addled brain. Completely ignoring the final part Mr Palin’s quest for the South Pole, I grabbed Grey and started my little dalliance.

I fantasized about the bloke. Thinking all sorts of naughty thoughts as Grey sat comfortably on my clit and my fingers worked my G-spot. The orgasm was more of an exorcism. Like the year was being fucked out of my system.

As Mr Palin went through dangerous measures to reach his destination, I went through with my exorcism. The second and deeper orgasm roared through my body, momentarily robbing me of senses.

And so did the third.

Content, faint and unable to concentrate, I went back to viewing Pole To Pole. Whilst fantasizing about the bloke’s… pole. (Classy, that sentence.) (‘s Cos I’m a laydee, you see).

It did have a nasty side effect.

Our cleaning lady came today, and we were supposed to get my room organized. Pick out bits and bobs to sell for funds. Yeah, she was gone when I woke up.

Orgasms are potent sleeping pills. Keep that in mind before your next big appointment!

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  1. I’ve long ago stopped being able to “pick out” one of my orgasms. They don’t exactly flow together into one giant goo or anything, but unfortunately these days my orgasms are more about quantity than quality, at least when I’m alone. Which isn’t to say that they’re not good, but when I’m looking to get off, I generally have to settle for quick, when what I’d really like is to be able to take my time.


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