I don’t understand physical attraction. I mean, I know I’m still quite young and haven’t even began to touch the surface on that subject. Still, it’s something I’d like to learn to understand.

What is physical attraction? Is it really just all down to science and pheromones? I refuse to believe that. It must be something more primal. The really good kind of attraction certainly is.

You know the kind. The one where you see someone and you instantly want to jump their hot bones. That can’t be down to pheromones. That’s just down to something deep inside the brain. Something that says: “YES! That’s the one!”

Or is that lust?

I don’t know anymore. If there’s one thing I can confuse myself with, it’s thinking about this.

I don’t understand “types” either. What defines a “type”? I can’t even begin to describe it. Me, I’ve stopped being bothered. I can see the attraction in everyone. You may not be conventionally pretty or handsome (side note, what defines that these days? What’s the standard for pretty?) but fuck it, you are gorgeous.

I’m attracted to most of my friends, in many different ways. This doesn’t mean that I’d date them, just means I find them immensely exciting and sexy.

Like I said, I know fuck-all about it. But I like to think that I make my own rules of attraction. Fuck “type”.

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  1. I agree. I have a type of guy I seem to gravitate towards but it’s not a hard and fast rule. The thing you have to take into account is that there are non-physical qualities which make a person attractive – I find Muppet sexier the more I get to know him, even though physically he isn’t changing. I find a person with no self confidence a turn off even if I think they’re incredibly hot. Attraction is as much to do with what’s inside as what’s outside.

    Attraction is a bit fat grey area. Probably best not to try and delve too deep!

  2. Yummy

     /  January 7, 2012

    I thought I had a type, my profile made it clear on the swingers site not to bother me if you didn’t meet the criteria.

    Thankfully I had another profile that didn’t say such things as YSL had avoided bothering me for sometime as he didn’t match.

    He is my ‘Type’ and I’m happy fucking him xx

  3. Just like you, I can be attracted to anyone but most important I think is personality. Something that is a huge turn off with me when somebody is really arrogant for instance.
    Only other thing with me that is something I don’t like is when somebody smokes, when you kiss a person that just smoked, it’s like licking an ashtray in my mind (and no I haven’t tried that but I imagine it to be just like it) (and yes I don’t like smoke cause my eyes tend to not like it at all)

  4. Would it be of any interest to you to hear that I understand it even less? I don’t experience that initial physical attraction at all. People begin to seem attractive after I know them. But never just based on that first sight thing. Which is why I never understood the celebrity crush thing. Just makes no sense to me.

    I’m a “tickle my brain and I’ll tickle your naughty bits” kind of girl.


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