The Limit List Experiment: Part Two

So, continuing on yesterday’s little experiment, this is part two of the limit list. As you remember, we came to the conclusion that I have a lot of limits. Let’s see what today brings. As usual, my answers are in bold italics.

The Limit List: D through H

Diapers (wearing): No. No interest whatsoever.
Diapers (wetting) : Also no. Can’t stand the idea of running around in wet diapers.
Diapers (soiling) : Double no. See the scat thing from yesterday.
Dilation : As in what? It sounds quite painful, so I’ll take a pass.
Dildos : Yes. Double yes, because I’ve been meaning to try a dildo.
Double Penetration : With a smidge more practise?
Electricity : Ooh, no.
Enemas (for cleansing) : No.  
Enemas ( retention/punishment) : No.
Enforced chastity : I don’t know. Just being forced not to do anything sexual? Maybe….
Erotic Dance (for audience) : Bring it on!
Examinations (physical) : No.
Exercise (forced/required) : Is that a kink? Clearly I know too little.
Exhibitionism (friends) : Yes.
Exhibitionism (strangers) : Yes.
Eye contact restrictions : Being forced not to look into eyes? Could perhaps work…
Face Slapping : No.
Fantasy Abandonment : No.
Fantasy rape : I don’t know… I really don’t think I’d be able to manage.
Fantasy gang rape : See above.
Fear (being scared) : No. I hate being scared. I live in fear of being scared, actually.
Fisting (anal) : With practice.
Fisting (vaginal) : Yeah!
Flame play : No. I don’t know…
Following orders : Depends on what. If it’s nasty, I won’t do it.
Foot worship : Yes.
Forced bedwetting : No.
Forced Bi : Me forcing someone? Again, I don’t know for sure.
forced dressing : Being forced to dress? Hmm…
Forced eating : No.
Forced homosexuality : I feel like I’m repeating myself, but I don’t know. Though it would be very pleasurable to see a straight as nails guy sucking dick…. (fuck, I’m sorry if that offended).
Forced heterosexuality : Ah, don’t know.
Forced masturbation : Yes.
Forced nudity (private) : You don’t have to force me to get nude! I like being nude!
Forced nudity (around others) : Maybe. Depends who.
Forced Servitude Forced Straight : What’s this?
Forced smoking : No. I don’t mind smoking, but I really wouldn’t do it myself.
Forced TV / Gender Change : Forced to be a transvestite? Why not…
Full head hoods : No.
Gags (cloth) : Yeah.
Gags (inflatable) : No.
Gags (phallic) : No.
Gags (rubber) : No.
Gags (tape) : Maybe.
Gas masks : No.
Gates of Hell (male) : The first one to explain this to me gets a cookie….
Genital sex : As in… sex? Of course!
Given away to another Dom (temp) : Yes.
Given away to another Dom (perm) : No.
Golden Showers : No.
Gun play : Hard limit. Although I must admit… I did fantasize about this once. I’d never do it.
Hair brush spankings : Yes.
Hair pulling : Lest my Dom/me wants a bit of my hair in their hands… hehe!


Alright. What have we learned from today? Again, many limits. The hard limit in this list would be the gun play and the fantasy rape. I’d imagine people fantasizing about this stuff, as I might have done in the past with the gun play, but I just don’t see myself doing it. But give it a year. My opinion might change.

Still, I’d not want guns swinging in my face…

Stay tuned for part three tomorrow.

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  1. This is very interesting. I also don’t understand some of the references. I don’t know if you’re feeling like you should have fewer limits, but if you are, don’t. More to explore as you feelings change. And they probably will change over time about things where you have a soft limit.

  2. Gates of Hell is a toy: metal rings, attached to a piece of something, in a line, to go around a cock. >> (Although that’s just five.)

    Cookie please.


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