Hark! I See Sex Toys!

Mr John Yossarian/Hungry Joe provided us with a picture of his extensive sex toy collection yesterday. And I felt inspired. So, take a gander at my pitiful collection. Porn included.


The toys are (from left to right): Rocks-Off Rock Chick (much maligned), the new pink one (nameless), Grey (with treasure chest), a bottle of lube (Pjur, not a toy), The Pin (holiest of holy, my first), DINKY DIGGER MUST DIE, and my flogger.

The dvds are: Do the Business (Anna Span), Chemistry Vol. 3 (Tristan Taormino), 50 positions of the Kama Sutra , a free dvd full of porn trailers that I got with a book, Anna’s Mates (Anna Span), Feeling it (Petra Joy, rubbish), Malice in Lalaland.

Not pictured are the absolutely loathed dark pink Mae B vibrator (broken) and the cock ring and strapless strap-on I won at Erotic Meet. Reason is that they are downstairs at the moment.

So, that’s my collection. I’d love to own more in due time, of course. There are still Lelos and Pure Wands that need a new owner…

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  1. I have none!

    However I have never found them much of a turn on. Although, I did get a wank sleeve as a birthday present once.

  2. Lovely collection! Thank you so much for sharing i have been looking forward to this post on curiosity alone since you first mentioned it

    I have no DVD’s in my collection. Some pieces have died or been retired. Some are always easy to reach. I’ve been meaning to make a treasure chest to keep them all in, in the mean time they are jammed into the headboard of the bed.

    Where do you keep your toys?


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