Friday Five: Things I Loved This Week

Alright. Since I’ve behaved like a miserable bint the last few weeks, I thought I’d switch it up and be positive. Welcome to Friday Five, five things I loved this week! The aim of this is to have a positive look-back on the past week and gearing oneself up for the weekend and the week to come. I don’ t know if I’m going to do it just this week, but I quite liked the idea.

So, here are five things I loved this week. In no particular order, mind. I loved every single one of these enormously.


Cthulhu Necklace


Gerald the Sock Monkey

3) Betty Herbert’s book The 52 Seductions. I’ve nearly finished it, and I don’t want it to end! It’s that awesome!
4) The entire tweet-conversation I just had about kissing and people in cyclist clothes looking like dicks.
5) The sweet anticipation for Erotic Meet (which I shall post about later) and the whole weekend of debauchery I have ahead of me.
I love the more positive me that has emerged this week. So many good things have happened, and I have renewed energy that will last me a long time. All you need to do is take a few moments, or a lot of moments for yourself and allow yourself to get inspired.
I’ve started carrying a notebook and pencil, so that when I feel a flicker, I can write it down and make something of it. It’s made blogging a lot easier, I tell you.
You do get an insight into how your brain works when you try to write something down in a hurry. Vis à vis, like this:
Waxing/Great Wall/ Betty and the Hollywood wax
Snakes/slippery and sensual/dual gendered?/Aaargh beastiality
Open-eyed kissing/ BAD IDEA
Yeah, I’m weird. Try explaining the snake thing. Go on, dare ya.
No, I am not contemplating doing unspeakable things to a snake. All shall be explained in a later blog post. But it is convenient to carry a notebook with you. When you don’t, you might end up writing on your hand, like I did earlier this week.
Try explaining what the words WAXING = BLOG POST are doing on your hand. These words are still on my hand by the way. Albeit vaguely.
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  1. I love writing things on my hand, but I have to have it written quite cryptically… my hand currently reads:

    EM Reading

    No one would know the world of filth in there…

    Also, thrilled you’re feeling better.

    • It’s partly thanks to you that I’m feeling better 🙂

      Also, I should add the pic of the writing on my hand. I write on everything I can find…. x


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