Scattered Thoughts and Bits

I was quite horny last night. Masturbated a bit. Played with my new toy.

This all sounds like the set up for one of my fabulous wank stories, but it really isn’t. Because it just wasn’t that fabulous.

It started out well enough. Very well, in fact. @lovingslut had posted a very sexy video of her man (the supremely sweet @jluvs2luv)going down on her, and it got me quite hot under the collar. I even asked him if I could clone his mouth. You know, for science.

I went upstairs with full intention of getting myself off. My lust was raging, so there was no better time to try out my new pink thingamajiggy. You know I was really keen on it, seeing as I actually remembered to take a new pack of batteries upstairs with me.

It looked promising. I put the batteries in and was in awe at how it roared to life. I’m a fan of intensity in a vibrator, so this seemed like it was going to do the trick.

I was so on for a G-spot orgasm. Once again, my toy wouldn’t co-operate. Somehow, I couldn’t get the angle right. The thrusting felt uncomfortable, since it’s a lengthy sucker.

It was pleasurable though. I remember a lot of shaking, but I don’t remember the feeling. I like the feeling. There is no proper orgasm without the feeling.

But hey, orgasms are always different. And this one was just not what I wanted.

This in no way relates to the hotness that was @lovingslut and @jluvs2luv ‘s video though. I could have easily watched it all night.

I want to get eaten out like that. Fuck!

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