I love…

Hot soup on a cold day…

… Birdsong in the morning

The first step in fresh snow…

… Adventures in urban London

I love romance and sensuality.

Satin and lace.

The tremble of the oncoming tube train on the Underground.

Roses. Thorns.

Sexuality in all its forms.

Words like Schadenfreude and hysterical paroxysm.



The colors in my hair.

Waking up next to someone I love.

Ear nibbling and finger sucking.

Slow kisses in the dead of night.

Touching myself, tasting myself.

The smell of me.

The smell of a rain-soaked sky.

Waving at garbage trucks.

Simple things. Intricate things. Simple and intricate interwoven.



Anyone. Anything.

I love. And I love to love.


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  1. Ad@m

     /  January 24, 2012

    A beautiful thought. Your words and expressions are divine


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