Tickle Me Curious

When you are naturally curious, the world is your oyster. Whether it be about nature, music, culture… anything can tickle your fancy.

I am blessed with an insatiable curiosity for everything in the world. You see me following documentaries on ancient Rome or watching the news to get the latest on the US elections. I’m incredibly grateful for it.

I believe that I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere, if it weren’t for the curiosity I had for sexuality in all its facets. Over the course of eleven months, this has both been sated and stirred even further.

I want to know more!

I love learning about the things I have a passion for. These are the things that tend to stick in my head the longest. I can tell you the weirdest and most wonderful facts. (For example, I know that Michael Palin is impossible to work with when he’s hungry. Don’t ask me how I know, but I know.)

Books are my kink.

I can dive into any book and get fully lost in it for hours on end. Promises to myself of reading only a couple of pages for a couple of minutes are regularly broken.

Knowledge turns me on. I like being in the know and talking to people about all kinds of things. And there is nothing I get off on more than a stimulating conversation.

I don’t know everything. Nobody knows everything. It’s one of the wonders of life. So many things to discover.

Curiosity is sexy.

No, really, it is! Trying out new things, learning and discovering. Go ahead, go and discover something new today. It’ll make you happy.


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