Inspired by the train scene in Shame… Enjoy. Oh, and this is part one. Every part will be 100-ish words. Little experiment. Hope you like.



It was the only thing I could feel when I looked at him. Breathless, uninhibited hunger.

His eyes. My god, his eyes. They held my gaze and I could actually feel my panties moisten. I smiled coyly, my cheeks flushing a deep red. Shifting, I clenched my legs together, my hand between my thighs. If I clenched long enough, hard enough… god knows what would happen.

My pussy throbbed. Pulse raced. He could see it on my face. He was smirking. Skinny ginger fucker with a grin that wouldn’t quit. I wanted his cock. And I wanted it yesterday.


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  1. Wow. Can’t wait for pt2!

  1. Miss Lily's Pad – Lily Revealed…. a *sorta* fantasy blog hop!

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