Aural Sex

One of my favorite ways to spend the evening is by lying in bed, listening to my i-Pod. After finally finding my missing charger, I settled in for such a night, listening to podcasts old and new.

I listen to the Daisy Danger podcast. Daisy is a writer and sexual bon-vivant, with a voice that can make any man, woman or whatnot spontaneously jizz themselves. When she told the story about her lover Jay eating her out whilst she was on her period, something stirred in me. So naturally, the pants came off.

This is basically the tell-all sign that I’m about to have a wank. Pants off, dance off. For those of you about to wank, we salute you.

It gets hazy from here. I remember getting TPT out and furiously fucking myself with it. I was wet already. Which I assume is Ms Danger’s fault…

All I can remember from the experience itself is a haze of fingers, TPT and wetness all over. Gushing, writhing…

Then, I did something dangerous.

I wrapped my hand around my throat and pushed down. Only for a few seconds, but it did help me get over the edge. It was a fucking great orgasm.

Later, as I got out of bed to put my pants back on (which, try as I might, but I still can’t do it in the dark) I pulled back the sheets to inspect if I had actually gushed.

Now, I should explain that I get incredibly smug about wet spots. I look at them and just think, “Yeah, I did that.”

I wished I had my camera with me, because it was a good one. My damp thighs were another piece of vital evidence.

(author’s note: I would like to point out that I don’t normally engage in asphyxiation during masturbation. It’s dangerous if you don’t know how to and I won’t do it again anytime soon. I don’t even know why I did it. It was a reflex that I can’t explain.)

So, I lay there, spent, listening to whatever it was. Aural sex. It’s there and it exists.

A note to end on: it was so fucking cold in my room that I wore my cardigan all the way through. Fuck winter.


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  1. Daisy Danger

     /  January 31, 2012

    This is exactly why I write, I love hearing about my orgasm contributions!

  2. Maybe with the internet and TV we get too caught up in the visual. We forget the sound of a voice, the words they speak, can cause just as big a reaction as any visual stimuli. For what’s more arousing and stimulating than the liquid sounds of a woman pleasuring herself? 🙂


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