The Slow Train Back to Reality

Well, dear readers, I’m well and truly back. And I’m already preparing my next leave! This time, I’ll hopefully manage a month in the Big Smoke (being London). I’m going to make up a CV and send a few out, look at some places and courses. I’m considering a small loan to get me started.

I’ve returned in a highly optimistic and ambitious mood. Sure, the BIG BLACK POST LONDON HOLE™ has come and gone, but I came out pretty good. So apologia if this all sounds a bit unlike me. But fuck it, I’m happy!

I even got myself nipple tassles as an incentive to eventually start burlesque lessons! I tell ya, they make for an interesting conversation piece. Not that I’ve worn them yet though. I need to invest in some double-sided tape first. But you, dear readers, will get pictures a plenty.

I’ve just been asked if I’m addicted to London. And yeah, I kinda am. You sorta have no choice but to be in love with a city where a random rikisha driver takes pity on you and wheels you to your hostel at 2.15 in the morning. Yes, this is a thing that happened.

God, I love that city. I love my friends, I love my life and I fucking love kissing girls. Seriously, it’s just great. And being held until you calm down just enough to fall asleep is something I need more of.

I felt quite bummed out on the Eurostar back. Not in the least because the woman next to me was openly giggling in my face. I genuinely wanted to tell her “Fuck you, I’ve got nipple tassels, I’m awesome!”

But I do realize that my acquisition of nipple tassels does not make me automatically transcend into a higher being. Still, I did that, so I kinda rock.

The slow train rocks back and forth. I see the station in the distance. COMEDOWN CENTRAL. It comes with a warning. You may be depressed upon arrival. I secretly… or maybe not so secretly, hope that it takes a u-turn.

The tassles are pictured below, by the way.

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  1. We’re glad you enjoyed yourself, though equally glad you’re back! Can’t wait to see your new adornments on you!

  2. I want to see these beauties at work! Such a pleasure to have almost a whole weekend getting to know you better… You are gorgeous! -x-


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