Killing Time

I’m just killing time since you went away…

All I have are memories

and every day they fade…


I don’t remember your face. Which is crazy, because there’s a picture of us on my nightstand. I see your face every single day and yet I can’t remember it.

It’s the little nuances. The shade of grey in your eyes. Your laugh-wrinkles. That scar near your ear.

I just need your face. I need to see it. Hear words from your lips. Sounds from your throat. I need to feel the brush of your stubble against my cheek.

I need your fucking face.

Because I don’t remember it anymore.


I’m the love you didn’t want

The love you couldn’t reach…


I don’t know why I miss you. You’re a cunt and a bastard and a fucking cunting twatting lovely beautiful gorgeous piece of a man. I need your face and I need your laugh.

I can’t remember the name of that awful cologne you wore. The one you defended till you were blue in the face, because you liked the smell of sea breezes in the morning.

I need to smell it. Know the name so I can buy it and douse it all over my pillow.

I need to smell you.


I reminisce in every kiss

and I’m just killing time…


Just come back soon. Just come back, you fucking sodding cunting prick.

I love you.

Be safe.

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