So that all happened. Hello, my pretties! I`m still in the LDN, spending money like the BAWS I am (but not really, cos I`m not). Just wanted to hop online and give you a little play by play.

Fuck me, Bristol was amazing! Eroticon was brilliant! I got to meet so many awesome people, including Zoe Margolis, which was a big tick off my sex blogger bucket list. More on all of that when I get back across the Channel.

I`m typing this from the comfort of my hostel. It`s lovely here and I can`t believe I hadn`t booked here in the first place! God, on that, Sunday was a horror story. Again, more on Sunday and on why Gumtree is a cautionary tale of absolute horror when I get back.

It`s Wednesday now, and I am meeting my gorgeous friend Loula for dinner later today. Can not wait to see her, and can not wait until she takes me out for a fifties style dinner!

Shall I leave you with a nugget of good news? What was that? Oh yeah… I`m on The Guardian`s website!!!!

Thank you all for making this possible. I couldn`t have done it without my pretties. May we continue to spread geek love and foodie madness everywhere.

So, on that note, I`m going to get myself breakfast/lunch. Tahh!!

(author`s note: also, SEAPIGEONS!!!)

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  1. Jade Whisk

     /  March 9, 2012

    Can’t find you on the Guardian. Link?

    • Can`t seem to post the link from where I am… It`s Helen Croydon`s column. I get a mention in regards to Eroticon.

  2. I saw your moment of fame!

    My brother was interviewed by the Guardian once and he never shuts up about it. My brother is good at being smug.

    • Yayay!

      Well, I’m not not being smug about it…. Mostly to impress family members who don’t know what the Guardian is. My mum’s first question when I told her was “Ehm… is that a bad thing?”


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