Because We Con-Con-Con: Eroticon 2012

When I reflect on my time in Bristol, I can bring you many, many highlights.

Finding Cabot Circus, the ENORMOUS shopping complex handily located two minutes from my hostel. Getting driven around by SmutMuppet and discovering the mysterious origins of the phrase” AAAAH JEEEYAH.” Figuring out the distance from Bristol to the moon. Every single inch of the shopping streets. Flashing a tit on the Bristol wheel.

Yeah, I had fun.

But, of course, I wasn’t there to flash boobie at unwilling passer-by’s. I was there for Eroticon 2012, the UK’s first conference for us naughty writer folks.

My day started at Starbucks (because, of course). I was quietly eating in a corner, drenched from the sudden rain, when I heard the barista telling someone, “But sir, you need to put your shirt back on and get out of here.” . I turned around to see…. well, exactly that. A shirtless tramp, drunkenly making his way outside. And a good morning to you, Ms Boyd.

After breakfast, a cab ride and a bit of a search, I arrived at Armada House early. The lovely Lady Grin Soul was already present, which was nice. I introduced myself to star du jour Ruby Kiddell, who then completely flattered me into confusion by asking if I was Jilly Cooper. Unfortunately, I am not, but I still got a very warm welcome.

One by one and two by two, people started streaming in. I said hello to ILB and Ms Blacksilk, made acquaintance with the likes of Janine Ashbless and finally, finally got to meet a lot of people, including KD Grace, Aisling Weaver and her girl Wyeth Bailey and so many other lovely people. Rubyyy Jones had come with boots, but I watched in awe as she changed into the most impossible heels in the world. Kudos to her for walking around like that all day!

Ruby gave her introduction, and then it was off with the first talks of the day. I attended the Ethics in Blogging talk, where my friends Molly Moore and Mina LeMieux proved that they can certainly hold their own amongst a crowd. Zoe Margolis (Girl With a One-Track Mind) talked about the horror of getting outed as a sex blogger, and I said about five silent prayers that the same thing wouldn’t happen to me.

After saying hello to the fashionably late Elenya Lewis, the groups split again. I stayed in the Cabot Room and listened to the immensely entertaining Maxim Jakubowski’s talk about what makes a story great. Nicole Kidman was name-dropped, stuff was noted in my notebook, and at the end, I sneakily handed Maxim a business card.

The third talk was by the wonderful twosome Aisling Weaver and Josephine Myles. They explained to us how we could write “convincingly queer”, to derive from the normal in our genre (eg. to write about male/male sexual encounters whilst being female). As an occasional dabbler in the gay fiction arts, I found this a particularily handy talk. Plus, Ais and Josephine are fucking amazing. I had a chat with Josephine later on and managed to give her my two cents and my one business card.

At lunch, I shared a table with my lovely friends and we discussed the morning’s procedings. I enjoyed seeing everybody again. ILB was as fucking adorable as ever, Lady P looked more radiant in the flesh than I had dare to imagine, Elenya was ever her genius self and Blacksilk looked every inch the geeky sexgoddess. Sidenote, I can’t believe I don’t see these people more often! Bugger!

After sneaking up on my new friend Jade Whisk at the book stand, I snuck back into the Cabot Room, and the publishers panel. Hazel Cushion, she of Xcite publishing, made me giggle by pointing out exactly what kind of submissions she wanted to see more of (“Two words: Victorian. Spanking.” )

The publishers panel was incredibly useful, and I felt like a true pro sitting next to Elenya and Lady Grin Soul, taking notes.

To finish off the panels, I attended the Sex and the Media discussion (conveniently, all my panels were in the downstairs located Cabot Room, which was a blessing for my tired legs). I managed to actually ask a decent question!

In between the last session and London Faerie’s (coming to this blog soon….) demonstration, I got the chance to talk to Zoe Margolis and Monique Roffey, both excellent writers. I couldn’t believe my luck, talking to Zoe Margolis about feminism on a Saturday… a year ago, I wouldn’t have dared to dream about it. She told me some important things, for which I thank her enormously. I am now very proud to call myself a strident feminist.

After drinking elderflower bubbly and chatting to said new friend Jade Whisk about everything, he encouraged me to give my card to Hazel Cushion, which I did. She’s truly marvellous, by the way. I also FINALLY met Lucy Felthouse, who was pretty much as awesome as I thought she would be. She gave me a bookmark. I gave her fangirling.

Later on, we all watched in awe as Lori Smith (of Rarely Wears Lipstick, link in the sidebar) got the Sacred Kink treatment by London Faerie. It was a completely new experience for me. One that, later on, lead me to ask Faerie if I could perhaps book a session with him at some point.

The Con itself ended with a brilliant high-note. I won something! Shop of Erotic Delights donated a gorgeous (non-jelly-craptastic) rabbit vibe to the pot, which I ended up taking home. Now, you must know that me winning vibrators is a massive in-joke amongst Erotic Meeters. Mainly because… well, I nearly always win one.

Quite a few of us headed towards The Watershed, a fantastic pub/alt cinema, for dinner. I got to chat with Jonathan Vajé, someone who I’ve admired for a long time, and talk of a collaboration came up. I also had the most swoonworthy Giant Sandwich in the world. Watershed people, if you chance on this, please, I beg you, keep your pork sandwich on the menu. If only for me?

After returning to my digs for the night, I pondered my notes and everything I’d learned. And I think that I came to pretty much the same conclusion as Lady Grin Soul in her review of the day. This needed to happen.

And I hope this is the start of something wonderful. Eroticon 2013?

Fuck. Yes.

(author’s note: Thanks to everyone and anyone who attended, and in particular the organiser extraordinaire, Ruby Kiddell. You’re a star, missy!)

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  1. Jade Whisk

     /  March 16, 2012

    You didn’t sneak, hun. Although you may have sidled a little, when no-one was watching . . . .

    • That’s me, just when you think no-one’s watching, I’ll sidle up with my wallet in hand, ready to buy myself broke on books 😀

  2. Jade Whisk

     /  March 17, 2012

    Hey, we all have our addictions to feed.


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