Her Head is Missing, Oh Noes!

For reasons that will be clarified in the next blog post, I’ve not found much to do with myself today. Luckily, Sunday Stealing is up already, so I’ll just get down to business on that. This week: HER HEAD IS PART MISSING!!!

(That’s the name of the meme, not actually… ah forget it.)

1. What is your most annoying habit?
Oh , I don’t know. Biting my nails, pulling my panties out of my arse. Being generally disgusting.
2. What habit would you change of your partners? (come on no-one is perfect!) [Editor’s note: Not only does it assume you have A partner, but it is written as though you have multiple ones. If you do not currently have a partner or many partners, simply tell us about your last one. BW]
I don’t have one. Neither do I have more than one. Or have had one or more than one. Is this secretly the polyamorous meme?
3. Horrors or Chick Flicks?
Documentary series. Intelligent comedies.
4. What is the most outrageous thing you have done in the back row of the movies?
Since they introduced the seat-reservation thing, I’ve rarely sat in the back row. And I’ve not done anything rowdy there.
5. When have you ever lied to get a job?
I’ve never lied to get a job. I’ve still not got one!
6. What one thing is on your list to do before you hit 30, 40, 50 or whatever significant birthday is next?
Next significant one is 25 (well, for me it is). There’s tonnes on my list before I hit 25, but one of them is to meet more of my heroes. I’ve now met Zoe Margolis, so my next goal would be to meet Dr. Brooke Magnanti. Possibly for coffee and discussing the finer points of St. Nicholas candy.
7. Classic or modern films and why?
Bit of both. Just because I like the old Hollywood vibe.
8. If you were a vampire who would be the first person you would bite?
No idea. Guess that depends on how peckish I am at that moment. Probably hit a blood bank up and have a drink there first. Gotta love that AB positive.
9. If you had the power to make one thing better, what would it be?
Uhm, I would make my bag un-robbed.
10. What makes a great blog?
Interesting content, easily navigatable lay-out.
11. What was the inspiration that brought your blog to the blogosphere?
I always tick off Dr. Magnanti and Ms Margolis as my inspirations. Julie Powell and Catherine Sanderson (Petite Anglaise) were also an inspiration. Petite Anglaise still stands as one of the most heart-wrenching books I’ve ever read. 
12. What easily ticks you off (puts you in a bad mood quickly)?
I dunno. Getting robbed might do the trick.
13. How many children do you have?
Eh… none that I know of.
14. Is there anything you have ever regretted writing on your blog?
I’ve regretted a lot of stuff. The early stuff that had no relevance to sex, the googly-eyed fawning, the pictures of Kelly Brook, just anything that doesn’t belong here.
15. What’s your favorite blog post you have written this year so far?
I’ve since figured out that Germaine Greer is a bit of a cunt, what with her wildly unpopular views of transfolk and that. I just think that feminism shouldn’t be repressive and that anyone can be included. I may not have the right words to say, but check out Caitlin Moran’s book How To Be a Woman. I share a lot of her thoughts.
16. Do you ever enter other bloggers competitions, and have you ever been lucky?
I think it’s a well-known fact that I tend to win a lot of vibrating toys.
17.If you could be anyone else for the day, who would you choose and why?
No-one. I’m pretty happy being me.
18. If you could time travel to any period of history what era would you visit?
I don’t really know. I’ d want to check out a lot. Meet Queen Victoria and have her say “We are NOT amused” and that (in true Rose Tyler style).
19. If you had to be genetically modified, would you rather have a third arm, a third leg, a second head or some other modification???
20. Which Disney character can you most relate to?


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  1. Rory

     /  March 17, 2012

    Dory! *smiles widely* I think we all have our Dory moments =)

  2. Cath

     /  March 18, 2012

    I quite like Germaine Greer’s views.

    • I don’t know, tbh. I’ve only heard bits and bobs and I know she’s wildly against transfolk, and I know quite a few transfolk, so I’m inclined to disagree with her. But I’m not in a position to judge, since I’ve not read a lot of her work yet.

  3. Your answer to #1 made us laugh. We wouldn’t have thought of you as “generally disgusting”. Good to know.

    • Oh Jack… so much you don’t know about me. And the “generally disgusting” thing was a joke 😉


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