A Very Special Guest

So, by now you must have all heard of the ongoing saga of Fireman Sam, right? No, he’s not my squeeze. If you squeeze him, he’ll blow up….

It started a few months ago, when Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss won the Halloween contest on Erotic Meet. Her prize? A blow-up fireman love doll with a twelve inch…. hose. Molly, ever the sport, took him out on a date that turned out to be a bit of a dud. So, she decided to send him off on a world trip. First stop was Ms Blacksilk, who treated him to a date with a very menacing-looking Wartenberg pinwheel. And second in line?

Yes. Quite.

I got custody of him at the last Meet I attended. Things got off to a smashing start when I momentarily lost sight of him. Then, I dragged him down Shaftesbury Avenue, trying to find a willing taxi and/or rickshaw to bring us home. The next month was mainly spent staring at him, trying to hide him from visitors and generally being a bit embarrassed about the size of his… hose.

Then, my camera got stolen. Bugger. But never fear. For I have a second camera! And it managed to capture some… choice moments in the daily life at Boyd Mansion.

It turns out that Fireman Sam is quite a dab hand at the daily domesticities. Observe.

Doing the dishes. Sans dishes.


Oh the ironing. No unfortunate smelting accidents occurred. Thank fuck.


Unfortunately, he did have a little cock-related accident. Observez-vous.

Oops. Oy.

But at the end of the day, he did make for quite a fabulous snogging partner. Observe, la.



In the end, he did need a bit of a sit-down. You know, from the excitement and that.

Havin' a kip. Unfortunately, his cock is still wide-awake.

So, as you can see, Fireman Sam was a very well-behaved houseguest. Although he did have a bit of an inflated opinion of himself….

Next stop: @SexWithRose in the Netherlands!

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  1. Looking forward to having him! 😉

  2. Well if only I had know he did dishes I might have kept hold of him 😉

    I have added you to the Fireman Sam home page…. can you add a little link back so that this little project links back round to everyone.


    Thank you so much for looking after Fireman Sam on the European leg of his tour…. I wonder delights Rose has in store for him.


  3. Cath

     /  March 25, 2012

    I bloody love that you made him do housework.

    • What you can’t see in the picture (because I edited it out) is my mum holding him and trying to make it look like he’s doing stuff…

  4. Hahaha! Love it, glad to see he earns his travel allowance! & love the hat swap! -x-

    • Damn straight!

      D’you know, I had two even better pictures of me and the hat, but the lighting failed and they turned out rubbish. Did I mention I miss my other camera? xx

  5. kazigrrl

     /  April 14, 2012

    Looking forward to having Fireman Sam on this side of the pond! I love that you got him all domesticated 😉

    ~Kazi xxx

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