Tonight, On Mystery Diagnosis….

Keeping it brief tonight, since I’m not really in a mood to do anything else but sleep. You’ll soon find out why.

I was glad that the whole swelling-of-the-face had stopped this morning. It seemed to be just an allergic reaction to something I ate, so when I found my face feeling normal again, I was pleased.

Mum called for me at 4 pm (I only got to bed at 5 am) to tell me that someone from England was calling me. It was for the phone interview we had scheduled the previous week, so I was pleased she had kept to her word.

During the process of the call, I started noticing weird red blotches on my legs. And on my thighs. And after the phone call was over, I checked. They were ALL OVER. Yes, even just above my mound. Fucking aye.

We rushed to the dermatologist. She took one look at it and said, “Well, that’s hives.”

So, I’ve got hives. All over the fucking place.

You’ll understand why I will keep this brief. I need sleep and I need it to stop itching. Fucking aye.

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