Holy Rilke, Boyd!

A friend of mine at school had a little business for herself. She figured she was quite good at analyzing dreams (read: spout Freudian bullcrap from a book) and had advertised on her door in the boarding house that she was doing so.

Naturally, when you inhabit a colorful dreamscape like mine, you are bound to want to look for some explanations about why you’re suddenly dream-boinking Viggo Mortensen on an IKEA chair in the boarding house.

So, I turned to her. And got the explanation that my subconsciousness was telling me I need intimacy in my life.

Right. Still doesn’t account for the shagging though.

So, why am I telling you this? Well, because I’ve started noticing something is off about my dreams. They’re not about sex, which is weird, since I seem to dream about what I’m most confronted with in my life. (by the by, I can’t really recall ever having a sex dream…)

No. They are of a much more random nature. Observez-vous.

A few nights ago, I dreamt I was in London. Although it wasn’t really London, but a meta-London that my brain made up for me. At some point, I was distributing flyers for a gay-and-lesbian alliance rally. Then, I lived in a store, where the loo was in the dressing room. I pee’d all over a faux-Hervé Légère dress.  And in the end, the poet Rainier Maria Rilke showed up at my door.

Go ahead. Try and analyze that. Meanwhile, I’ll just leave this here to distract you.

(PS: my sincerest apologies for this post.)

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  1. Heh, funny how they often come down to peeing on things… I routinely get dreams about not being able to find a functional toilet, and having to improvise in bizarre ways. I used to have this theory that the frequency/intensity of sex dreams was inversely proportional to the amount of fantasising one did: my sex dream tend to be totally vanilla, and often actually involve the SO, which means my subconscious is either happily married or deeply boring. Anyway, dreams are gibberish, and yours sound pretty normal to me!

    • It’s always peeing, isn’t it? And I have the exact same thing. Horrid.

      Oh, they might sound normal… but they’re not. Last night, I had the ultimate fanwank dream. Lots of my heros were in it, and Karl Pilkington was in it too for some reason. Also, I drove a bus and was called The Duchess.



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