The Logistics of My Panties

I’d originally written this a few weeks ago, after a wanking session, the details of which escape me completely. Well… thank fuck I’ve written it down then… I should do that more. Anyway, enjoy… (sorry if it’s a piece of piss. Wank-brain and that.)

After my adventures with Ella and Bootie, and my out-of-body orgasm, I had promised myself to take it easy. But yeah, I don’t tend to keep such promises. After all, what better way to start off my week than with a wank?

At least, that’s my philosophy.

After a day filled with sleep and books, I retreated to my room and delved into “Luscious”, an anthology of anal eroticism. Y’know. For research.

And what arousing research it was. I can’t deny that anal is something that arouses me a lot. Which reminds me that I should really do a post dedicated to the wonder that is bum-fun. At least it gives me an excuse to experiment with it more often. Anyway, reading the stories spurred me on to delve into another anthology, called “Caught Looking”. That one is all about another kink of mine, namely voyeurism.

I read the most marvelous Thomas S. Roche’s opener, “Curtain Call”, and the intense friction that it caused between my thighs was enough to send me a bit gagging for a wank. But not really, because then I put on some porn.

I couldn’t really decide what I should go for. Do I go for a quick rub to Steven St. Croix and Jada Fire in Chemistry vol. 3 (you know… because cumshot)?

I eventually got out an Anna Span classic (Anna’s Mates, if you’re wondering) and watched a scene about people leaving for a Halloween party. The wetness pooled between my thighs, and Ella came out. After softly rubbing her on my swelling clit, I dipped her in. I was determined to make this a squirting orgasm (then again, when am I not?) and when the familiar oh-shit-I-need-to-piss-sensation turned into an oh-shit-I’m-gonna-make-the-bedsheets-very-wet one, I knew it was going to be good.

I felt gone. Drifting off into the pre-orgasmic netherworld. There’s not a lot that can get me that relaxed and empty-headed. I hadn’t felt that way in a while.

My pussy felt wired. D’you know that electric tension that ebbs and flows through you when you’re scaling the heights of pleasure? Fuck, so good. I fucked in time with guy on my screen, thrusting hard into me. In my mind, Ella was a cock. Any cock? No. But that doesn’t matter. It was a cock, and it felt fucking amazing.

I felt it come. I had to push out and when I did, I gushed. Into one massive, wet stain on the bed. Why is it that I’m always enormously proud of how big the stain is? In so much so that I always check how big it is? And maybe take pics? Just me?

I needed to come properly. Grey came out, for the sake of my clit. It required extraordinary dexterity on my part, but the orgasm that followed made me melt.

Also, I think I hurt myself. Just a smidge.

Momentary panic took over, as I searched for my little compact that I have tentatively titled “The Sex Mirror”… and… inspected the goods. It did hurt a bit, but in the end, there was no visible damage. If it still hurts tomorrow (author’s note: it didn’t, in the end) I’m booking an appointment with the doctor.

You may think there is not a tricky bit left after you’ve successfully accomplished orgasm. But aha! There is! Apart from losing all ability to speak coherent words, you lose a sense of awareness. I always seem to forget how my panties work. Which is crazy, because pants are simple, right?

No! Post-orgasm, nothing is easy. You completely forget how to be a normal human, and for a moment, you think that you are a superorgasmic, otherworldly being. I do. Thus, I forget the logistics of my panties and struggle with putting them back on.

No worries though.

That just means it was good.

PS: After I wrote this, I went to the bathroom and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Smiling, with rosy cheeks. I wished someone was there to see this. It was the healthiest I’d looked in a while.

So, this was a few weeks ago. I think I since managed a couple of wanks, but they weren’t that memorable. I did have one a few days ago that was quite intense. You tend to go into your own head, and at that moment, I was so far into my own head, I was completely taken aback by what happened. The orgasm was too intense.

Every wank is different, I guess.

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  1. Theo Black

     /  April 12, 2012

    This is sexy AND informative. “I should really do a post dedicated to the wonder that is bum-fun” Absolutely!

  2. Squirting will always fascinate me… Love this post!

    • Thank you! Have to say that I do share that fascination. I’ve been experimenting with it for a while now. x


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