A Batch Of Positivity

My friend Sexy Book Lover (from My Undercover Metamorphosis) does this weekly round-up of positive things that happened in her life. I like her approach. She describes herself as being on a physical, spiritual and emotional journey, and the same can be said for me.

I like injecting my life with a little positivity. It’s a hard thing to keep up, but when you do, it’s totally worth it. So, here goes my list of positive things for this week.

  1. There is a new e-book coming out, featuring myself! I’m very proud of this story, since it’s my first M/M in publication.
  2. A dear friend of mine returned to Twitter.
  3. I had the most fun and flirty conversation with my friend Jay.
  4. Managed to finish two stories, and edit the first one.
  5. Found my lost copy of The Vesuvius Club by Mark Gatiss and started reading it. It’s still THAT good.
  6. Finished my CV.
  7. Started work on a new, very short story. Finding it challenging but fun.
  8. Found an entirely new way to jazz up my cheese sauce recipe.
  9. Got my poem “The Freckles on your Nose” recorded (!) by Ms Plumptious Pea .
  10. Am now nearly fully recovered from my allergy/hive attack, therefore off the medicine.

So, overall, it was a good week. Not counting the shitty stuff, of course. I didn’t quite manage Ms Sexy Book Lover’s list of 16, but ten is a pretty damn good start, I think.

Random to round you off with? Yes, why not…

I wonder every day...

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