Semi Charmed Kinda Life

Apart from being an excellent song by a band who’s name I’ve completely forgotten, Semi Charmed (Kinda Life) is the title of the Sunday Stealing meme this week. I don’t really know if having a “semi charmed kinda life” is a good thing. I think the singer confused me and always made it sound like it was the most boring thing this side of reading a leaflet on a time share in the Poconos. But if it’s a good thing, then I quite like it. 

Anyways, on with the meme. And if anyone can clarify “semi charmed” in the comments, you get either a cookie or a boobie jiggle.

1. My uncle once: Oof. I have a lot of uncles! But I do have a favorite. He’s a bit of a traveler, and he and his boyfriend once went to New-Zealand. He found it very green and filled with sheep. Which, yeah, it is. 

2. Never in my life: Again, oof! Never in my life have I not lamented that my first memory of going on holiday is going to Mallorca. I was watching The Matt Lucas Awards last night, and they were talking about the worst place to go on holiday, and everything started flooding back to me. Seriously, ants in our hotel room, nearly drowning twice in the kiddie pool (!) (granted, I was like five or something) and this incredibly grating man who may or may not have turned out to be a massive paedo. That’s what I remember.

3. When I was five: I… ehm… did things. Ate crayons or summat. D’you know, I have sod all of a clue! Apparently I went to Mallorca!

4. High School was: Six years of completely random and utterly baffling crap.

5. I will never forget: The first time I tried on the Mary Janes (the ones in my header). I was ridiculously excited about them actually fitting.

6. I once met: The best-dressed person in the entire of London. We were standing at the lights near Kings Cross, and I was just agog. I didn’t know if it was a man or a woman. I just knew that this person was incredibly cool.

7. There’s this girl I know who: Is completely responsible for starting a sock monkey hype on Twitter. Her name is Tiffany Reisz and she is awesomesauce.

8. Once, at a bar: At the last Erotic Meet I went to, I managed to successfully spin around one of the poles without falling flat on my face.

9. By noon, I’m usually: Still asleep!

10. Last night:I read a lot, because I was trying to not fall asleep and have a nightmare about Dexter cutting me into little Boyd-chunks.

11. If only I had: The courage to read the poem I wrote yesterday out loud. It was intense to write.

12. Next time I go to church: I don’t know when that’ll be!

13. Jonathan Frid: Is someone I have never ever ever heard of ever in my life.

14. What worries me most: Is my father’s health. It’s not something I’d care to explain in Sunday Stealing, so I’m going to blog it when I get the chance.

15. When I turn my head left, I see: The veranda, through the window.

16. When I turn my head right, I see: Casualty on tv.

17. You know I’m lying when: I say that I’m not utterly terrified of having another bout of hives.

18. What I miss most about the 80s: I wasn’t even born in the 80s! I was barely aware of the 90s as it was!

19. If I was a character in Shakespeare, I’d be: A fairy in Midsummer Night’s Dream.

20. By this time next year:I aspire to be living in London, with a steady job, good friends and some footing as an author.


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  1. Liz

     /  April 23, 2012

    found you on Sunday Stealing, hope you are in London in a year and good luck with your writing.


     /  April 29, 2012

    “Six years of completely random and utterly baffling crap” – congrats, you also just defined my high school experience! nice work.


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