Get Naked and Celebrate

So, dear readers. This week is quite a special one for me. It’s the one year anniversary of a very important day. No. It’s not the one where K-Middy got married. How would that be important to me, I wonder?

(author’s note: I was barely conscious enough to sit through the whole fucking thing!)

It’s the one year anniversary of my gastric bypass operation.

When I think about that whole day, I remember being suspiciously calm about it. I had been suspiciously calm throughout the entire process. The physical exams, the talk with the psychiatrist, all of those went so smooth. So, it felt only natural that I was calm. There was no point in freaking out, I guess. I mean, that only serves as a massive barrier once you get to the OR.

(author’s note : how I managed to stay calm during a potentially life-changing gastric operation, but cried my eyes out when I got my wisdom teeth pulled is beyond me.)

A lot has changed since that day. I feel more comfortable about myself now. So comfortable that I’m thinking of doing something daring for the sake of the blog. After all, I wouldn’t be half as comfortable with myself without having you guys around me.

So as a thank you, look out for some sexy pictures coming your way. And the best thing is… you get to decide what you want to see! If you have a request for a picture, and I can fulfill it in some way, leave it in the comments! I’ll see what I can do.

Let’s make this Saturday a sexy one!

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