The Art of Growing Old Gracefully

On down days like this, there are fortunately some things that never fail to make me laugh.

One of those things that I’ve come to cherish and that never fails to put a smile on my face is my aunt Rosa. She lives about two blocks down, on her own, in a tiny house. This is not just any tiny house though. No, this is the house where antique paraphernalia came to die. I shit you not when I say that you can barely move for tat.

But amazingly, that makes me love her even more.

She talks smack about her weird neighbors. She watches Project Runway. She is the only person in my family apart from my mum that I wouldn’t mind showing the blog to.

She’s also an octogenarian great-grandma.

The quite-frankly astounding thing is that this doesn’t even faze her. Mum and I see her nearly every day, pushing her trolly (usually loaded with MOAR TAT) and trawling all over town.

She is lines and wrinkles. She is modern wisdom with an old soul.

And I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone should age as gracefully as her. She clearly loves life and all its foibles.  I love that she actually comes to our place to kvetch about the couple next door to her being completely insufferable. She cares not for their crap, and I FUCKING LOVE HER FOR IT. 

That’s why something about today’s episode of Doctor Oz irked me.

He had a feature about what you should do to “turn back the years” and look younger before it’s too late. He goes on to recommend a shit-load of creams and lotions and potions (and not to forget every single supplement in the world) to keep you from looking slightly older than you were a while back.

The best thing is, apparently this shit starts at AGE THIRTY. That’s right, after 29, you should start to get completely paranoid over lines that may not appear for another twenty years.

Why all this scare-mongering?

Why should we be afraid of something that will eventually happen anyway? Why is it apparently uncool for an older woman to look like an older woman?

Think about this. All the money you spend on creams and fillers and that shit could be spent on doing something you’ve always wanted to do in your life. It is never too late to fulfill your dreams, so why not do that?

It’s lines and wrinkles. It’s not the worst thing that may or may not happen in your life. Wear them with pride. Flaunt your wisdom.

And be a little like my aunty Rosa. She’d love it.

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  1. Too right! Living happy and being yourself is the thing, at every age. 🙂 Your aunt Rosy sounds like what people in my family call a hoot. 🙂

  2. Your aunt sounds like the type of person I want to grow up to be 🙂
    I once heard/read somewhere, that wrinkles are just a map of where we have been in our lives…
    I truly enjoy your blog, btw!


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