The Hermit Ventures Outside/Queery Interlude

So, on the advice of a good friend, I went outside on Friday. And I liked it. I liked it so much that I did it again.

Going outside is an interesting thing to do. You make some observations about the quirks in your own town.  For example, it’s totally okay to let your child take a piss in the middle of the sidewalk on the high street. Totally. Especially when you wave around saying “Sorry!” afterwards. Because that totally erases the memory of what you’ve just witnessed. Totally.

But I had fun outside. And I managed to go an entire three days without completely crying my eyes out. Maybe there is something better on the horizon. And maybe I do need the occasional day to decompress from the goings on.

Sex-wise, not much has happened in the past few days. Apart from some amazing wanking with a lot of squirting. It was amazing. Really, fucking amazing.

I think my recent purchase has something to do with it. It’s not a new toy. It’s the Game of Thrones series 1 box set. That shit is sexy, dude!

But I seem to remember that it wasn’t Khal Drogo’s (inhumanely) buff body that got my machines whirring.

It was the simple power of my mind. And some well-placed thoughts about one supremely sexy lass….

It’s cool! I’ve never really gotten off to the fantasy of me and another girl before, but thinking about her was enough to make me explode. I don’t know what that means, apart from that it’s rather nice to occasionally fantasize that Ella is actually a pair of fingers, instead of a hard cock.

I’ve kinda come to terms with it. It doesn’t matter what you are, what you identify as or what you look like. You’re sexy in your own way.

So, I like being queer.

And I really like going outside (because it’s the part of the weekend where I switch from one subject to another with TERRIFYING SPEED). I got my hair done! I got DVD’s! I got FRESH AIR! Most of all, I look reasonably healthy now! 

I missed just walking around in my own town. And soon, I’ll be walking around in London again. It’s good. It’s good. It’s GOOOOOOOD.


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