Coffee (Wake Up #1)

I was thinking about doing a little experiment. A series of shorts… maybe five… on something simple. In this case, people waking up next to each other. Not necessarily leading to sex. Just exploring how they feel, what they’re thinking. 

Anyway, this is the first short. Enjoy.


I think I fell asleep with my glasses on.

Either that, or my vision has improved remarkably over the past night. The first rays of sunlight cast their warmth on my drowsy face. I think I fell asleep with my clothes on too.


The bed’s comfortable. Satin sheets, nice and cool on my flustered body. Did we have sex last night? Were we drunk?

Well, if we were drunk, that would explain why my mouth feels like someone sandpapered the shit out of it. I hope he has something to drink.

Where is he, anyway?

I feel around for any sign of human life. There’s an arm draped around my shoulder. I blink the sleep from my eyes and take hold of the wayward limb. A tattoo adorns his naked flesh. Ace of spades. Yep, that’s him.

I turn around to see if he’s still breathing. The sight of him makes me smile. Like a spaced-out, ginger-haired angel, with a ferocious two-day stubble gracing his features.

His breath reeks though. Fuck, how drunk were we?

Suddenly, he stirs. Blinks, once or twice. Spots me, grinning.

“Oh. Hello.” he mutters, followed by an agonizing moan. “Fuck, my head.”

“How much did we drink last night?”

“Too much. No more alcohol. Like, ever.”

“Did we… fuck last night?”

“If we did, I have no recollection.” He looks at me, like a sad puppy. “Sorry. Bet it was good though.”

“Probably was. I’m Tibby, by the way. I live downstairs.”

“Michael. I live… well, here. I think.”

“Pretty sure you do.” I chuckle. “Do you happen to remember if you have coffee? I could murder a cuppa.”

“Yes, I could murder several of them, actually. I’ll make you some. If I can ever get out of this bed.”

“Right. Or we could stay here. See if we have good sex together.”


There is a silence between us.

“But coffee first though, right?”

“Yes, definitely.”




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  1. Brilliantly written … the end was wow …
    “But coffee first though, right?”
    “Yes, definitely.”
    just suring blogs and found this … I just make drunk jokes but that was moving, funny, interesting and jesus I love your style.

  2. More the flow of the words Hemmingway than the topic I mean … the words were fluid if that makes sense … it read, to my mind, wonderfully … Look lady I liked it 😉 Thte style of it, the feel of it …


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