Never Felt So Alone (Wake Up #2)

Part two of my Wake Up series. In this one, someone wakes up alone and teary-eyed. Not erotic, but I think it’s good. Enjoy.



I can still feel him. 

Smell his musky cologne , hear that melodic accent of his… if I concentrate, I think I can touch him. 

Yes, he’s there.

But I can’t see him.

Fuck, it’s frustrating. I need to see him. Because if I can’t, how will I remember him?

Already his facial features are a vague memory. I think he had a stubble. One that satisfyingly rubbed against my cheek whenever our lips met.

His lips.

The memory awakens me from my already ruined sleep.

I bolt upright, frantically looking around me. Where the fuck is he? Why isn’t he lying next to me? Why can’t I nestle into him and feel his warm body against mine?

Because he’s not here anymore.

His body’s gone.

I don’t understand. He’s still here. I can smell him. His fucking shirt is still on the side of the bed! Fuck!

The sting of oncoming tears hits my eyes.

He’s gone.

And it’s like a part of me… that joy I felt in life and love and the whole damn thing… that it died with him.


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