Right. I don’t want to really skirt around this, so I’ll start off the bat.

I’m changing my name!

There. I said it. Phew, that feels good.



  • I will be changing it to Jillian Boyd.
  • My Twitter handle will still be @JillyBoyd, and you’re more than welcome to still call me Jilly.

So, why the change? Well, because first of all, I need a change. More than ever, I feel the need for a fresh start, in both writing and blogging. So expect some major changes on this blog too.

Second, I’ve liked this name for a while now. It just sits better with me than Jilly as a name. Plus, it doesn’t sound like I’m trying to emulate Jilly Cooper (or at least it doesn’t to me). Jilly’s much better as a nickname.

Third, as Holly/Cliff Pervocracy puts it in her post , I like the idea of a chosen name.

And fourth…. I want it.

Also not unlike Holly/Cliff, I’ve been dealing with the whole “Should I Really Want Stuff” thing. But, in short, I decided that I should. Lady Laid Bare wants a new start, and so do I.

I’ve seen many people being brave enough to change their names in the past few months. Beau became Mia again, Lady Grinning Soul transformed (like the beautiful butterfly she is) to Harper Eliot, and (amazingly enough) Amie Wee had the chotspe to change her display name to Queen Ejizzabeth.

And since that name is now taken… 😉

So, say hello to Jillian Boyd. I’m still 21, I’m still from teh Belgiums and I’m still a writer/blogger/randomist who wants to make people laugh.

It’s still me. But the name makes me happier. 

(author’s note: as I said, you can totally still call me Jilly. But I am fully intending on publishing and writing under Jillian.)

Now, here is a thing.

Look deep into the owl.

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  1. harpereliot

     /  May 5, 2012

    Yay! Hope I helped. Change is a damn fine thing… roll with it.

    (Side note: I’m so glad someone else accidentally called me ‘Harper Lee’ before I did. It was bound to happen, haha… but no; Harper Eliot.) x

  2. Pleasure to meet you, Jillian Boyd…


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