We Are One

This is not a regular blog post! Nope, I’m here on official business, on behalf of my lovely friends at Erotic Meet. Because we’ve got something special to celebrate.

We are one year old next month!

And we are celebramajating in style, at our first official Birthday Bash!

Observez-vous! Click on the flyer for more information!

We’ve got a top line-up for our sexy stage show!

The very fabulous and very dirty Dragon King’s Daughter (from “Filthy Mouths and Evil Tongues”) will be performing in her own trademark style, as well as the one and only Naked Poet (and yes, he does take his kit off) Ernesto Sarezale!

We’ve also got the best of burlesque coming ‘atcha with performances by Morita Encantada, Voodoo Fury, and, just added to the line-up, the sensation that is Rubyyy Jones!

And, to top off this sensational line up, we’ve got the wonderful, enchanting, dirty-as-fuck combo that is EastEnd Cabaret performing! Victor Victoria and Bernadette Byrne are here to educate and entertain the masses, and I am sure that they will find a way to rouse every sense in your body…

Apart from all that goodness, we’ve got amazing prizes, donated by the likes of Sex Toys UK, Just Pleasure Me, Dupenny and even a signed copy of The Pet Shop, donated by the lovely KD Grace!

Come in your glad rags, because there is a prize for best dressed party goer!

And, you know, you will be in the company of some pretty amazing people. Whether you are creatively inclined or not, this birthday party is for all.

Erotic Meet has grown so much over this past year, and I am delighted to be a part of it. I still remember sitting on the terrace of the Carnation, getting to know the early birds, back in August. So much has changed for me since then! I’ve met so many awesome people and made tonnes of friends for life.

Plus, I got to hand out my first business cards, which is really a stroke for ones ego…

So come to our birthday party. Rejoice in the atmosphere, enjoy the live show, chat and network and make friends. You won’t regret it.

We. Are. One.

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