The Circles

Ah, there is nothing like a cup of hot cocoa to get your spirits up. Except maybe two…. (without added booze, I might add. But that would have been nice.)

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking during the quiet moments of my day. And I’ve said before that silence is amazing if you want to clear your thoughts a bit. I’ve worked myself through a bunch of problems in the last few days, just reading and sitting in that little bubble of quiet.

I’ve come to some conclusions.

One is that I want to put the kibosh on smut-writing. At least for the time being. There is a niggle in my brain that says I need to spread my wings and write something else. So, I’m going to try.

This is rubbish. I feel like I’ve said this all before. Do you ever get the feeling that you’re running your own thoughts into circles? I’ve mentioned not writing smut over and over again, but I keep writing it, and it keeps coming up.

I just can’t do it anymore.

But I don’t know what else to write.

I keep repeating myself, and I keep running in circles. I need to break out of that circle, but it just seems like I’m utterly stuck.


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  1. I had a peppermint hot cocoa last night. And reading in a book called Shortcuts to Inner Peace…
    I call circular thinking my hamster wheel mind, because when I think I’m running somewhere different in my thoughts, I keep arriving in the same place. :/ I hope you can hop off the wheel. 🙂

    • That sounds like a good book… who’s it by?

      I call it my butterfly mind, as it flutters everywhere at once. Might be my autism, might be being ill, but it’s dead annoying, I tell ya!

      • I like your term. 🙂 The book is Shortcuts to Inner Peace by Ashley Davis Bush. Really readable and the tips are pretty doable so far.

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