Night Swimming

(some improvised poetry/fiction about… just something on my mind. Enjoy.)


Am I alive?

Have I crossed space and time?

Across the universe and through the stars, I am floating. 

Although our paths have not crossed,

I can remember every touch.

Like little clouds of angel dust, 

softly caressing my skin.

Although my eyes are closed,

I can see so much clearer,

every atom, nook and cranny in this vast space. 

It’s like tasting ambrosia,

on the tip of your tongue.

And then craving for a spoonful of manna from heaven.

My body and soul want ever more,

and my mind is silent,

as if frozen in time.

It’s like diving head-first into a clear spring,

and feeling the water surround you. 

Then you come up for air,

your every inch laid bare, 

the night singing a silent jubilee.

Even though I am lying on the dining room floor,

it’s like crossing the universe, 

floating on water,

ecstatic bliss at last.



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1 Comment

  1. Bill Zee

     /  May 22, 2012

    You do this so very well…Honest


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