Wait For Her ~ A Love Poem For London


Peace found on long grey roads,

in buildings majestic.

Lost in a sea of faces,

I am anonymous to the world.

I seek shelter in the bright lights,

the gaiety oddly comforting.

Sounds of hustle and bustle,

and Hare Krishna tambourines.

I hide in books,


and bulging billfolds.

In a city of contrasts.

Of light and shade.

Though she might seem aloof,

unfriendly even, to the untrained eye,

there is a beauty to her,

if you read between the lines.

Save the gracious queen.

Let her roam amongst

dandies and duffel-coated mystery men.

Let her dream of spies and hipsters.

For she has been penetrated through the heart,

with an unfathomable love for her Mistress City.

And although she leaves,

it is with a heavy heart.

So she begs of you,

Fair Londinium…

Wait for her

Wait for her

Wait for her.

For she will return home once more.


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  1. Bill Zee

     /  May 22, 2012

    Oh my goodness that is Beautiful in words and it is in format….
    I am impressed

  2. Come back. Come to London. We’re still here.


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