Absent Minds and Broken Muscles

So. I finally got to see a physical therapist today.

If you’ve been reading carefully for the past few weeks, you know that my shoulder has been playing up like a little pesky demon. Except huge.

Trying to see a specialist is always a massive cock-around, so I was glad (albeit mildly) that this one had time for me today.

The short walk over there was quite hellish. The sun felt like a radiator was glued to my face and I had made the mistake of putting on a sweater. In late May. Yeah.

The therapist was kind and welcoming, and introduced me to his intern. We talked about what was troubling me and then the intern assessed the condition of my injury. However, I wasn’t really paying attention.

You see, the contraption set up above me had caught my eye.

As the intern worked on my neck, I kept focusing on it, taking in every detail and, in the end, giggling inwardly. It had to be an exercise machine…

But my sex blogger brain had come to the conclusion that it was a hog-tie suspension device.

So it has come to this. I now see sex in the most inappropriate places. I’m not complaining though. The thought of this brightened up an otherwise insufferable and painful experience.

As I lay there on the table, I slipped into a nether-space. It was almost like being asleep, but not quite. My exhaustion had gotten to me, I guess.

I walked out of there feeling lighter than I had felt walking in. The cosy sun warmed my body with its rays and I swayed across the street, feeling lighter. It was kinda nice.

I was unfazed, even by my aunty’s extremely irritating neighbor walking towards me, apparently describing to her neighbor how badly she wants to strangle her husband. I think.

Even the sight of the septuagenarian pervert from across the street in his short shorts wasn’t enough to bring me from my mild high.

I snuggled up with my copy of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson (better known as The Bloggess) and immersed myself into her world and words.

Nice day.

Oh, and I’m leaving for London in exactly a week, so I’m ridiculously excited for that too.



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  1. They are actually historically for suspension! So you weren’t far off!

  2. Sounds like it could have been a rather fun experience

  3. Celia

     /  May 24, 2012

    I just finished up physical therapy…I had traction every time. Luckily, they left me alone so I could have my naughty thoughts without someone standing there. 😉 Immobilization can be quite a combination of tantalizing, odd, and relaxing. Hope I get to experience it when it’s for pleasure, not pain relief. 😉
    Take care and hooray for London!


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