Little Sparkles ~ A Poem About Breasts and Glitter


Like Laurel and Hardy,

my breasts are quite a pair.

Although they like to come out,

of this I have no doubt,

I oft keep them hidden in a cotton lair.

They like to be fondled,

caressed and licked and such.

They’d like it if you gazed at them,

and maybe even touched?

Oh, they are wild and free,

but I need to reign them in. 

Because when left alone,

they are truly made for sin.

And they do look best

with little sparkles on their skin.


Inspired by this picture, and unusually playful for me… Hmm… 


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  1. You’ve done it again with a great little Ditty…you always seem to contribute to the grin I wear everyday…(thank you for showing us your inspiration

  2. You do know how to spread a little happiness. I love your cheeky poem. And I bet I’m not the only person imagining sucking on your nipples. :o) I’m sitting in a very cold house, but you’ve brought warmth to a certain part of my anatomy anyway. :oO


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