Dance Among The Stars


Late night, early morning.

I’ve cried about five times tonight, over the most trivial things. Convinced there’s something wrong with me.

I don’t want to go to sleep, but my body is urging me.

Hands roam for my i-Pod. I want music. Distraction.

I search for something that I don’t immediately find.

But I find it anyway.


Mz. Danger.

I listen as her sensuous and lyrical voice coaxed me into an unexpected calm.

She entrances me, tells me about being a good little girl.

And the arousal pools between my legs.

This is the point where I get less lyrical and more factual, by the way.

Picture this (as I’m sure you are). I’m in the dark, specs off, wildly grabbing for my vibrator, while trying to keep the cord attached to my i-Pod.

This works. Somehow.

I’m amazed at my arousal, which becomes clear when the vibrator hits my clit. Writhing and moaning, I listen to Daisy recount another story on her podcast.

Which involves a speculum and an arse.

Making a mental note (because I am one to take mental notes during times of extreme ecstasy) to try the Bootie again soon, I luxuriate in feeling my wet lips. It feels lovely. Just flesh and warmth and wetness. Bliss.

From there on, it gets blurry.

I just know that I need a different kind of release. Stumbling out of my bed, in a daze of ecstasy, I rummage my toy box for the one thing that is missing from this wank.


The perfection of the minutes that followed was unbearable. I lay on the bed, fucking myself with her, listening now to Kayar Silkenvoice telling a story about lesbian vampires.

My face felt flustered, and I was aglow with sweat and lust. I could hear my own moans through my headset and my God… that was something else.

I gushed.

And again.

And again.

And I don’t even know how many times. I don’t know how many orgasms. I can only remember my negligée and boob-tube bra hanging around the middle of my belly, and the sodden sheets sticky against my skin. I am lust and I am ecstasy.

I am fire.

I rage and burn bright.

I didn’t get enough sleep after that. Luckily, just enough to finish my work for this week.

A good wank can do wonders. A great wank can do even more.

But a fucking amazing wank?

Yeah… that can make you dance among the stars.




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  1. Bill Zee

     /  May 28, 2012

    Sounds like a rather delightful evening…If you every respond to a question..”It’s like dancing among the stars”…we’ll know exactly what you mean….:))


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