It’s The Fantasy TMI

This week, TMI Tuesday is about fantasies. Yeah, I’m game. Let’s go.


1. If your lover was turned on by forced feminization would you participate (giving or receiving)?
*forced feminization is the practice of enforcing activities on a male, which are typically associated with women, to make him submissive. For example: wearing lingerie, heels, make-up.

Ehm, I guess… I don’t know… I totally wouldn’t mind, but I don’t know if I could give my lover enough of this.

2. When you have sexual dreams or fantasies that are aggressive or cruel, does it worry you?

I don’t have a lot of sexual dreams and if I do, I can not for the life of me remember them in the morning. It wouldn’t worry me though.

3. Tell us your hottest filthiest fantasy, right now, in 100 words or less.
This is the fantasy about your desires that you probably never share, maybe they even go against your morals, or are societal taboos.

Gangster three-way. And I do not mean gangster as in “rapper”, I mean Al motherfuckin’ Capone and Lucky fuckin’ Luciano dude. I’m a Charleston dancer, they’re… themselves… you can probably paint this picture in yourself, can you?

And if you think I’m embarrassed about admitting this..


4. Which super hero would you like to have sex with? Why?
a. Aquaman
b. Superman
c. Wonder Woman
d. She-Ra

Aquaman. As long as he actually looks like Adrien Grenier. I would definitely not say no to She-Ra either.

5. Knowing there’s a hot young couple in the adjoining hotel room, would you press your ear against the wall to hear the action on the other side?



6. Do you think the lure to live out sexual fantasies or have sex frequently is amplified by technology? Briefly explain.


Bonus: Describe your fantasy life in three (3) words.

Floaty, dirty, ethereal.

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  1. 1. Does that mean your lover really, really likes this type of play?

    3. Oh Jilly, this pleased me and I wanted to laugh (I held it and that was no easy feat) but I can’t…yet.

    4. Yeah, I’m doin’ She-Ra too.

    Bonus: Oooh, me likey!


  2. The gangster three-way is pretty hot. I love the fact that you’ve chosen one Chicago gangster and one New York gangster, and the thought of you in a flapper costume (or more likely out of it) is seriously hot.

    We love the Entourage reference!


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