And He Dances Too

Apologies if this is rubbish. Just figured I’d try…

This one’s for The Doctor. x


He takes my hand.

Unsure of what he’s doing, but still he takes it. Assumes the position.

I giggle, because of his determination to hold on to the Sonic Screwdriver, like a little safety blanket.

“Stop giggling!” he grumbles. “I’m only doing this for you, you know.”

“Right, and why did you insist on wearing a fez again?”

“Oh, you know why. Now, come on. Show me how to tango.” 

“Are you sure you’ve never done this before? Have you never been a tangolero in your past lives?”

“Well… there was that one time… with Piazolla…” he says, pursing his lips while deep in thought. “And a gorgeous lady… what was her name again? But anyway, that ended ugly, so let’s never speak of it again, now teach me how to do this.”

And, slowly, but patiently, I teach him the steps. Our legs tangle and turn, and I realize that The Doctor is actually a really lovely… whatever he is.

And he dances too.



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