A few days ago, Epiphora wrote about her mild outrage about this article, by Brandi Megan Granett.

In the article, Ms Granett explains that she’s quite troubled by the recent upsurge in popularity of the humble vibrator (due to Hysteria being released in cinemas). In fact, it now has AN ENTIRE MOVIE dedicated to the phenomenon. And that’s apparently very very wrong.

“We should just get in touch with ourselves”, she says. We’d apparently be better off with our own fingers.

While I’m all for anyone expressing their sexuality and enjoying themselves, when perusing the pages of vibrators available, most, if not all, marketed towards women, I am left to wonder: Why all the hoopla? Why all the need for tools and batteries and life-like stimulation? Why can’t women just touch themselves?


We already do, Ms Granett.

And the vibrators make it even better. Because some of us can’t actually come from manual stimulation alone. I know I can’t. I take ages to come from just my fingers, and by the time I’m anywhere close to orgasm, my wrist feels like it’s going to snap in half. It has everything to do with amping up the experience, and nothing to do with needing permission.

You talk about the treatment of hysteria in the 19th century and how our ancestors needed medical “permission” to masturbate. This was a time where actually talking about sex was massively frowned upon. Nobody had any idea what these women were experiencing. Our “foremothers” had no idea that they could just calm their “hysteria” down by having a cheeky wank. They didn’t know they felt arousal.

And yes, there is “still quite a market place for vibrators”. There has been FOR YEARS. There are adult toy stores all over the world selling the buggers. At some point in history, people figured out that they could be used for pleasure. They aren’t an “intermediary device”. We’re still touching ourselves.

And we know that it’s okay. Oh yes, we know. Otherwise there wouldn’t be blogs written about it. Or books. Or articles. We don’t need permission from anything or anyone to touch ourselves, and the best thing is, we can touch ourselves in any way we want to. Thanks to vibrators. And dildos. And plugs, and magic wands (not all of them pink). Really, any sex toy.

Even the people who aren’t fans of sex toys know all this.

So there. I for one am a proud owner of more than five vibrators. And I like wanking with them. My wrist doesn’t feel like shit afterwards, and I have lovely orgasms.

And I know a lot of people who even use them in partner play. It’s not a replacement for a penis. It’s something to be enjoyed, along with the penis.


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  1. bill zee

     /  June 18, 2012

    Well I do believe you have made you point quite nicely and you didn’t even run out of breath…totally…
    Glad she doesn’t know about men and vibrators…my goodness has she never heard of a prostate massage,,,,:))

    Well said…

  2. *plugs in vibrator to charge after excessive weekend usage*

    Love this post, Jilly! I have a confession: I didn’t have a vibrator until eight months ago. Mostly because my ex frowned upon toys, but I was also *whispers* intimidated. (don’t tell anyone I said that) One of my partners gave it to me as a housewarming present! And baby, I have taken that thing to town. DOWNtown, to be precise. My vibe orgasms are completely different from fingers and penis, and I love them. They’re not a replacement for the others but an enhancement of my sexual life. Like having more than just lettuce and cabbage on the salad bar. We need croutons, people!

    • Yes, we need moar croutons!

      Thanks Heather. I’m very glad you’re not intimidated anymore 🙂 xxx

  3. It’s funny. I surround myself in such a sex-friendly world… the fact that a person would advocate against vibrators just seems completely absurd.

    Some people prefer manual. But who really cares? It is a non-issue.

    Meh. Good response, though!

  4. Clap clap clap. My favorite part? “not all of them pink.”


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