Colorful Writer Meme

Alright. Alright! I confess that I haven’t a sodding clue what to do today. Except for writing, of course. And because this totally counts as writing, I present you this meme I found on Tumblr! It’s really hard!


red: when and how did you first realize you loved writing?

Probably when I was a child. And even then, I don’t think I did.

orange: who is your greatest literary inspiration, and why?

I have no clue.

yellow: what is your favorite style?

Humorous and sexy.

green: whose style do you imitate the most?

I like to blend between Sommer Marsden and Charlotte Stein.

blue: what is your favorite genre/subject on which to write?

Erotica, romance, humor, sex.

indigo: what do you think is the greatest flaw in your writing?

It’s still not at the level I want it to be.

violet: what is your favorite thing about your writing?

That the things I come up with make me giggle sometimes.

pink: what attracts you to writing in general? why do you love it?

I can express myself better through writing. I love that I can lose myself into the world I create.

silver: top three sources of inspiration

London, my own fantasies, random quotes and images.

black: your dreams! be published, be a critical success? what?

To be able to write whatever my heart tells me to write. To bring out one non-fiction and one fiction book, at least. To write that Ultimate Guide to James Bond I’ve been dreaming of writing for years. To write a thriller.

lemon: do you write fanfiction? if so, what genre? otp?

Okay. I haven’t written fanfic yet (apart from some shitty attempts) because I have no idea how to capture the voices of the characters I want to write about.

lime: what are some of the most prevalent themes in your work?

Romance. Longing. Humor. Intimacy.

brown: three favorite novels

Charlotte Street- Danny Wallace/ Until It’s Over – Nicci French/ The Yorkshire Pudding Club – Milly Johnson

rainbow: three favorite authors

Nicci French, Danny Wallace, Caitlin Moran. I’ve recently discovered PG Wodehouse too. Dash it. Also loving Joe Abercrombie.

white: weirdest thing you’ve ever written

The weirdest, most hilarious (to me) thing I’ve ever written was on request from… I think it was Jack, who wanted me to go deeper in on a piece of dialogue from Piano Man. This became the spec of brilliance that is My Husband, The Exhibitionist.

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