Things I Love Thursday: Musica!

So, time to inject some music/much needed positivity into this here blog!

You know those moments when people ask you what your favorite song or band or singer or [insert musical thing here] is, and you have absolutely no sodding clue what to answer, and you just stare and flap around because you have no idea? Yeah. I know.

But I’ve made a selection of what I’m loving at the moment, for sharing with you lovely people. There is a method to my madness, as you’ll see.


Kitty Jay- Seth Lakeman

The title track of his second solo album Kitty Jay (released in 2004) tells the story of Jay’s Grave on Dartmoor. I’ve sorta got a crush on this man and his mad fiddling skills, which, can you blame me? This clip was filmed live at the St. Pancras Station Sessions, late last year.


Def. Con. One. – Pop Will Eat Itself

I discovered this song through my lovely friend Cefyn, who, while taking me on a tour of his hometown, played this in the car. It’s AWESOME. Also, every time I play it I want a Big Mac. Fries to go.


Storm- Tim Minchin

Okay. It’s not a song, but it is a tiny gem. Tim Minchin’s nine minute beat poem about critical thinking, shown here in animated form, is one of my favorite things on my i-Pod.


Heart Skips a Beat- Olly Murs ft. Rizzle Kicks

Haters gonna hate, but I bloody love this song.


Laid- James

I fucking love this song. End of.


I’ve got many, many more songs to share with you. Maybe I should do this more regularly?


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