Expat V. Essex

Well, well, well…

So, I`ve moved in to my new place. It`s good, pleasant and very quiet. I like quiet, in small doses.

I`ve only been here for three days, so I can`t really regale you with stories of sexual debauchery, or any other type of debauchery for that matter. Mainly, I`ve been busy getting adjusted to things like silence, shopping at Tesco and people selling The Big Issue on the street. Oh, and finding a job.

However, I have made some observations, which I am keen to share with you lovely people.

  • Finding a job is fucking hard;
  • What the fuck with the oversized multi packs of crisps ?;
  • Going to the loo at Liverpool Street is akin to climbing a small, but steep hill;
  • Some people are awful bastards;
  • Five more minutes of Big Brother and you`ll have to pluck me out of a coma;
  • Even the staff at Waterstones think Fifty Shades is shit;
  • This Morning apparently does not.

It`s bloody weird coming to terms with living here….

xoxo – Jillian

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  1. I’ve been here all my life and still find it weird coming to terms with the place.

    Welcome, Jilly. You’ve earned one helluva house-warming!

    LP x


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