Expat V. Essex Vol. 3

I think I might have a problem.

I`ve noticed it before, of course. Everybody has cases of déjà vu, but seriously. I`ve been having them all week now. Everywhere I go, something familiar pops up. Which is really odd, seeing as I`ve only been living here for a week.

Everything seems so familiar.

Maybe it`s just because I`ve been doing a lot in a short space of time. Maybe I really have been here before, but I seriously doubt that. I don`t know. It all just feels weird. My head space isn`t adjusting to all of this, it seems. Give it time, but right now, it`s all very wonky.

Things are finding their way here. There`s still one thing I can`t get my head around though, and that`s shopping.

I don`t know why. It`s the same fucking procedure, but everything is so off about my daily trip to Tesco that I feel a bit off-kilter every time I go in.

The UK has entirely different tastes in food than the Lowlands has. I still don`t really know what to get, so I`ve mainly been living on pasta for the past week. Needless to say, I`m bloody tired of it! I want chips with stoofvlees and a huge slab of tartare sauce on the side! I want meatballs in tomato sauce with two mountains of mash!

I don`t know how to shop, people!

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  1. With appropriate substitutions, I know where you’re coming from. It will settle down over time. The UK is never going to feel like home to you the way the place you grew up does, but after a while it will become the place where your life is, and that will be a good thing.

    In the meantime odors and tastes are the things that most remind us of home, so why not make yourself stoofvlees? You ought to be able to find all the ingredients at Tesco. You’ll have to substitute something like Guinness for the proper beer, but it won’t completely suck.

  2. Pasta is great due to its versatility, but it does get banal if you’re only eating it the same way. One of my favourite dishes includes linguine (or tagliatelle) with chopped, grilled/fried (veggie) sausages, sliced tomatoes, cheese and basil with olive oil.

    And yeah, once you’ve got really bored with experimenting tastes with pasts, there’s nothing to stop you making yourself something you’re more used to. Tesco’s OK for ingredients, but the effort needs to come from yourself.


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