A Moment of Ehm

In preparing (badly) for this move abroad, I tried to take in as many details as I could. How to do laundry, how to cook, all that stuff. Still, there was one thing I hadn`t counted on…

It hit me yesterday, in the aisles of Tesco. In one… particular aisle…

You`ve all been there at some point. Maybe in a different situation as I was, but I can imagine that many a woman has faced the decision of which panty liner to buy.

Yes, it was time. Time to brave Tesco`s selection of panty liners and decide which one would be good enough. If you`re thinking “What the…?”, allow me to explain.

Until yesterday, I had no idea which ones were sold here. So, I had to get the lay of the periodic land, and decide whether I like my pants to smell like synthetic roses or not. It`s a pretty depressing affair, this. I realized that when it occurred to me that I had been lingering in the sanitary items section for longer than five minutes.

Eventually, I grabbed the ones that looked like the most sturdy (yes, I said STURDY) and went off to forage for food.

Why I decided to make this into a post is beyond me.

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  1. No no NO to synthetic-smelling lady bits. Fucking awful notion.

    I have much ire for this issue.
    LP x


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