Expat V. Wanking Round Two

There was something about yesterday that had me feeling horny. Well, not exactly horny. More of a mix of horn and melancholic woe. I`m happy, don`t get me wrong. But there are still bits missing in my life. Like an incomplete and never-ending puzzle.

Last night, dazed by fatigue, aspirin and an overdose of Black Books, I stumbled towards my closet (where the naughty bits are hidden) and got out Grey. Fanning myself out on my bed, I let it buzz against my clit.

There was no noise coming from me, which was weird. But not entirely a bad thing, seeing as my flatmate was already off to the Land of Nod and I didn`t want to wake him.

I slipped Grey inside me, and fingered my clit for what seemed like ages. It still felt like my body was off-kilter, but it felt so good to just close my eyes and drift off into that space. There were no fantasies in my head, just sheer concentration.

The release was some sort of divine wave, sweeping over me.

I needed that. I need more. I need so much more.

But this would do for now, I thought. I drifted off to Nod myself, thinking nothing but happiness.

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