The Shades Meme

This week`s TMI Tuesday was inspired by the Voldybook. You know, the book that we do not mention by name.


On y`va…


1. I enjoy the idea that my partner wants to inflict pain on me that:
a. makes me curious
b. is titillating and sexually arousing
c. that leaves me screaming and/or crying because that’s the way I like it

A or B. I`m curious about spanking and all that, but I wouldn`t go for the crying kind of pain.

2. Do you like being forced to dress or act in a way that is humiliating? If yes, please describe. If no, why not?

I wouldn`t know, seeing as I`ve not been asked!

3. Do you like seeing bruises, scars, or marks that were caused during sex on either you or your partner? What kind of marks?

I`ve never had any sex bruises. Masturbatory groin pulls a-plenty, but no bruises.

4. Would you like to be forced to do sexual things that you don’t necessarily like to do? Yes or No.


5. Do you want to be forced to watch your lover with someone else? Yes, No or It depends.


6. What dirty (sometimes inappropriate) things do you like to say to your sexual partner?

“You dirty bugger!”

Bonus: Finish this statement: I like being powerful in bed because _I seriously have no idea if I do, and I suck at this meme, I`m sorry_________ .

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  1. Oh, just because you don’t have much personal experience to draw from doesn’t mean you suck at this week’s questions! In fact, your answer to #3 made us laugh. 🙂


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