Good Morning, My Vagina

I`ve been making plans. Big plans, huge plans, plans that I am dying to get started. They involve a list, a day routine and a hell of a lot of writing.

I found myself unable to sleep from the sheer excitement of this list. Yes, that`s how awesome my plans are.

This morning, I woke up too early. Six bloody AM is not made for getting up to. I turned around and lay on my stomach, wriggling. Almost… grinding into the mattress. Blame the excess amounts of horn I`ve been coping with. Blame the simmering undertone of this summer. I was aroused.

And so I figured. What would be a better way to start a day than with a wank?

I lay on my belly and reached down my shorts. Stroking my clit felt incredibly good, but my arm was in danger of going absolutely numb. So, I turned around and got Grey out of the closet.

Again, Grey saved the day. The vibrations felt like a wake-up call to my vagina (as if she needed to be any more awake), and soon, Grey was inside me. Fingers on clit, stroking myself to bliss, I truly enjoyed my wake up call.

I decided something at that point. Why not wank every morning? And every night before sleep? It`s good to wake up to and good to fall asleep to.

And I like a fondle in the morning.

I mean, who doesn`t?

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  1. Goooooood morning Jilly! Well that has certainly brightened the drab morning here! It’s not only the weather which is damp! Love ya Jilly.
    Lily xxx

  2. Good morning, your vagina! We kind of wish it was our vagina to wake up to. Hey, just out of curiosity, has the crap-fest that is 50 Shades of Grey given the name of your favorite toy a bad connotation? Lately I can’t even see a grey crayon without thinking of sophomoric writing and negligible editing.

    • adamstrawberryblushes

       /  July 18, 2012

      It’s just good, trashy reading 🙂

      But I was more curious as to why climaxing helps us to wake up in the morning and to fall asleep at night. It really makes no sense when you think about it.

      • I should explain that I wasn`t referring to Fifty Shades! I was referring to my favorite toy, the Sasha Grey Hidden Treasures vibrator, aka Grey.

        It really doesn`t! Something about endorphins and relaxing and that shit, probably. Thanks for commenting!

    • My vagina says hello, and wants you to know that she`s totally yours 😉

      It didn`t, but I feel like I should put a disclaimer before I write about it! I have a problem with classy ties though…


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